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    • Category Prevention and Precautions
    • Category description Tips on how to protect yourself from being a victim to any scam.
    • Discussions 174
    • Category Craiglist Scams
    • Category description Report Craiglist scams here.
    • Discussions 0
    • Category Phishing
    • Category description Emails asking you to click on fraudulent websites which are made to look as a genuine website, with the purpose of capturing your personal information (like passwords, bank details etc.)
    • Discussions 22
    • Category Grievance
    • Category description Grievance or dispute complaints
    • Discussions 0
    • Category Scams From Emails
    • Category description 419 Scam, Got an email claiming you have won an online lottery/sweepstake asking you to share your personal information ? Got an email asking you to pay upfront with a guarantee to send a credit card or any such fraudulent looking email ? Share it on the category before proceeding with any sort of payment - it may be a scam !
    • Discussions 1048
    • Category Scams From Phone
    • Category description There are many ways scamsters could trick away money from you. Being aware of such tricks can save you money and peace of mind ! Information about what to do once you get tricked into one of these Phone scams.
    • Discussions 62
    • Category Ebay Scams
    • Category description Things to be careful about while trading at Ebay. Empower yourself and others with the correct steps to follow and be careful, to make your trading experience pleasant.
    • Discussions 5
    • Category Business Scams
    • Category description Be extra cautious for those emails which are asking for your personal data and information. Like credit card or bank account number, date of birth etc. Now a days scammers can easily hoax '"https://" and authentic looking address.
    • Discussions 107
    • Category General - Suggestions for improvement and Videos
    • Category description Information about any new/unlisted scam goes here. Suggestions for improvement of website and suggestions to add new videos in Video section are welcome here !
    • Discussions 4


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